Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

 I'm not a professional photographer can i sell my photos on Q8printer?

Yes, sure you can create your account an upload photo's that you'd like to display for sale

 I'm a Kuwaiti Photographer, how can i sell my photos on

Selling your photos is very simple, just create an account on and start uploading your pictures, you'll have a profile page displaying all your pictures for customers who can select the photo's they'd like to buy

 If I sell my photos how will i get my money from

Once you make a sale Q8printer will deposit your money directly to your bank account.

 What is the minimum resolution of a photos that i can use?

Minimum resolutions is 800x800 pixels however Q8printer recommends that you upload highest resolution you have of a picture so that it will be available on print for all sizes

 Who will buy my photo?

Anyone who would be interesting to buy your photo. however it will only be available as print on canvas

 What will happen to my photo?

Your photo will be displayed for customers in your gallery profile page, once a photo has been selected for purchase, Q8Printer will have it printed on Canvas and delivered to the customer.

 Will my photo be used for an other purpose?

No, your photo will only be used for printing Canvas for sale, any other customer requests will be forwarded to you and will not be processed without your permission

 What is

it's a specialized online service for printing photos on canvas and delivering them to customers in Kuwait